Art-No: GXSP1100SMPL
Spectrum 1100 Series Sample Pack 4oz jars
Quick Overview

Contains: In 4 oz jars 1100 Transparent, 1107 Black, 1108 Yellow, 1115 Texture Moonscape, 1118 White, 1138 Lime, 1140 Texture Kiwi Fruit, 1145 Texture Autumn, 1154 Texture Iron, 1159 Green Stone, 1173 Texture Hot Chowder, 1194 Red

High fire cone 5 glazes.  A beautiful selection of Opaque gloss, Opaque Satin, and Reactive finishes.  All are food safe when fired properly.  Please read comments from Spectrum about the various finishes and what to expect (including which have a tendency to run during firing.)

These glazes use a high amount of frits and stains, which enable them to consistently achieve intense, bright colors.

All glazes are Non-Toxic and dinnerware safe, except: 1187 Clear Crackle should not be used on food surfaces.  The following glazes have Health Caution label in liquid form: 1111, 1148, 1152, 1153, 1154, 1157, 1158, 1159, 1161, 1172, 1173. 1188, 1191, 1192.  These particular colors contain some colorant such as cobalt, copper, or cadmium which pass tests for release when fired to temperature, but are not safe to "drink" in liquid form.  Here at, we like to say: Please don't drink any glaze! :-)

1173 Running Hot Chowder is the same formula as Texture Hot Chowder has been for a while, but the name has been changed to indicate that it runs.

*NOTE: Chips were fired in oxidation.  Reduction results will vary.

We stock all colors in Pints.  

We stock some colors in gallons and some in 10# dry.  This is specified under each item.  

Note:  Most gallons and 10# sizes are special order.  We don't mind special orders at all.  However, we order about once a month so your order could take up to a month to arrive.  If you prefer to drop ship your special order items, Spectrum charges a $10 drop ship fee.  Spectrum only ships once a week, so this may be faster than waiting for our next order, but not as fast as we usually ship.  Please check a box below, OR indicate in your comments when you check out if you wish to pay the fee to get your glazes sooner.  (Note: If you purchase $150 in Spectrum glazes, we will pay the drop ship fee for you!)  To speed up your order, please click one of these boxes if you have special order items.  

Cone 4-6
Lead lead-free
Dinnerware Yes
Safety label Most AP Some CL
Volume 4 oz
Shipping Group Parcel
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