Art-No: KNSKKM714-002
Skutt Auto Kiln, KM714, 240v Single Phase (IN STOCK - READY TO SHIP - CLEARANCE)
Quick Overview The KS714 is the ideal kiln for beginners, china painters and studios firing small loads. It also makes a great test kiln. The firing chamber diameter is slightly over 14", which allows you to fire most plates and small platters. It operates universally on 208 or 240v AC which is found in most homes. A Blank Ring is available for increased cone 1 capacity. Note: The wall outlets for these models must be powered by 3-wire 120/240-208v solid neutral supply, as for an electric range. This plug is called a 14-30 and the receptacle looks like this: Shipping Weight 95 lbs (115 with blank ring). Furniture kit 19 lbs. 1.4 Cu Ft. (1.8 cu Ft with blank ring)

614 Furn Kit (1 full, 1 half shelf, 5/8" thick 9-10" diameter; 3 each posts 1-6", 1.5" thick)
240 v, Single Phase

Cone 8
Volt 240/208 Dual Voltage
Watt 3600
Ampere 20
Receptacle 14-30
Volume ( cu ft. ) 1.4
Shipping Group Truck
Shipping weight (lbs.) 95
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