Art-No: KPPGPY80
Paragon PY80 Type-K Thermocouple for 2.5-3" Thick Kilns
Quick Overview

The Paragon PY80 Type-K thermocouple is a replacement part for electric and glass kilns with walls 2.5" to 3" thick. Includes ceramic block and lead wires.

All electrical parts and thermocouples are non-returnable.  Please make sure you are buying the right one. While Type-K thermocouples are all the same electrically, the kiln manufacturers use different styles, lengths, diameters, and also add mounting hardware for particular applications. Therefore, thermocouples are not plug-in compatible / interchangeable with one-another. It's important you purchase the correct one for your brand/model of kiln. We stock some thermocouples but not all. Some are direct shipped from the manufacturer.

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