Paragon CS14S Clamshell Glass Kiln
Paragon CS14S Clamshell Glass Kiln
Quick Overview

The Paragon CS14S is a square glass kiln perfect for making small glass bowls, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, and bracelets.

The Paragon CS14S has a clamshell design as its walls and top, as a single unit, lift up and out of the way so you can assemble glass pieces inside the kiln. Add stringers and frit to delicate designs, often without using glue. When the kiln shelf is loaded and you are ready to fire, lower the kiln in place. The kiln base extends 4” in the back to support the weight of the kiln when in the open position. The base comes with mar-proof rubber feet.

This model includes a 3-key electronic controller.

Degree F ( max ) 1,700°F
Volt 120
Watt 1,800
Ampere 15
Recommended breaker (amp) 20
Receptacle 5-15
Size interior ( wide x high x deep ) 14 x 6.5 x 14"
Size exterior including stand ( wide x high x deep ) 27 x 15 x 28"
Volume ( cu ft. ) 0.73
Shape Square/Rectangle
Shipping Group Free (Truck)
Shipping weight (lbs.) 157
Paragon CS14S Clamshell Glass Kiln
Paragon CS14S Clamshell Glass Kiln   +$1,179.00
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Optional Add-Ons
  • Lid Safety Switch. Turns off power to the heating elements when the lid is raised.   +$80.20
  • Add a 1inch x 3inch Window to any Fusion Kiln   +$63.00
  • Optional mercury relay for Fusion kiln   +$120.00
  • Upgrade to Sentry 12 Key Controller instead of 3 key Sentry Xpress on Fusion 8 or Fusion 10   +$188.00
  • Optional bead door for Fusion 14 and 16 (Includes bead mandrel holder.) Also fits on the Clam Shell S models, but the D models don't have room due to the multiple hinges.   +$52.00
  • Paragon Fusion 14 Furniture Kit (C13SQ 12” x 13” x 5/8”, four 1/2" tall posts, 1 pound glass separator)   +$63.00
  • Custom Color - Black   +$0.00
  • Custom Color - Purple   +$0.00
  • Custom Color - Turquoise   +$0.00
  • Custom Color - Jade   +$0.00
  • Custom Color - Navy   +$0.00
  • Custom Color - Pink   +$0.00
  • Custom Color - Berry   +$0.00
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