Mayco Specialty Glaze White Cobblestone
Quick Overview

Mayco Specialty Glaze White Cobblestone is a cone 06 glaze applied over another glaze to create a cobbled texture.

Mayco Specialty Cobblestone Glazes are used to create a cobbled texture. When applied on top another glaze, this glaze chips and cracks upon firing while leaving the glaze beneath intact. A color glaze may also be applied on top of the White Cobblestone Glaze to create colorful crackles.

This glaze comes in 4oz and pint options. Cone 06. All Mayco Specialty Glazes are certified AP Non-Toxic, foodsafe, and lead-free when heated to manufacturer's directions. These glazes are not recommended for food surfaces due to their raised characteristics.

Cone 06
Lead lead-free
Safety label AP
Dinnerware Yes
Shipping Group Parcel
Primary Category Ceramic Glazes
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