Mayco Foundations Light Blue
Quick Overview

Mayco Light Blue Foundations is a cone 06/05 glaze designed as a solid base and building block with a gloss finish.

Mayco Foundations are single color glazes with a smooth high gloss finish, perfect for use as a base without the need for an extra clear glaze. Try mixing glazes to create custom colors. Apply 2-3 coats of glaze and leave an unglazed outgassing area for best results. Foundations glazes dry quickly enough for same day firing.

This glaze comes in a 4 oz and pint size option. Cone 06/05. This Mayco Foundation glaze is certified AP Non-Toxic. Glaze is dinnerware safe, food safe, and lead-free.

Cone 05-06
Lead lead-free
Safety label AP Non-Toxic, ACMI Seal
Dinnerware Yes
Shipping Group Parcel
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