Making Pots on the Wheel, with Jerry Horning DVD
Quick Overview

In Making Pots on the Wheel, Jerry Horning gives six lessons, each about 30-40 minutes each.

For beginning potters, Jerry's step-by-step demonstrations of basic throwing techniques are invaluable.

For more advanced potters, the subtleties of form and texture that Jerry gives to his pots when he throws them make the videos both inspiring and enjoyable.

This video covers many of the most popular forms, including cylinders, bowls and plates, vases and bottles, pots with handles, lidded jars, and teapots. The video covers the techniques from a variety of perspectives, making it easy to see what the instructor is doing, and how you can use the techniques yourself.

Throwing cannot be taught by words alone; it must be learned by repeated demonstrations and practice. Few teachers have the opportunity to repeat throwing demonstrations as often as students might need or at all of the times that students might want. These videos provide pottery students with the opportunity to watch demonstrations by a respected potter and teacher any time they want.

Initially, when dealing with the most basic steps, the pacing is slow, and involves repetition, which is great for beginners. However, as the series progresses, and the lessons move on to new shapes and skills, the pace quickens, and extraneous details get edited out, so that the viewer is able to focus on the new material. There is clarity and coherence to the whole production, and Mr. Horning radiates patience and empathy, so the process is easy to follow.

Lesson 1: Centering Clay and Throwing a Cylinder

Lesson 2: Throwing and Tooling Bowls and Plates

Lesson 3: Shaping the Forms into Vases and Bottles

Lesson 4: Making Lidded Jars

Lesson 5: Making Pots with Inset and Overhang Lids

Lesson 6: Making Teapots and Lidded Pitchers

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