Laguna WC-401, B Mix Clay
Quick Overview

Note: the 50# selection is dry clay

Laguna WC-401, B-Mix features a smooth, porcelain texture that is a pleasure to throw and form.

It is excellent for tableware, ovenware, tile, wind chimes, crystal firing, throwing, and small to medium handbuilding.

Laguna WC-401 clay can be fired to cone 5, has an absorption rate of 2.3%, and has a shrinkage rate of 12%.

When wet, it is light grey in color, and fires cream in oxidation, or off-white in reduction.

Available in 50 lb. and 1200 lb. wet containers as well as a 50 lb. dry bag variety.

Cone 5
Abs 2.3%
Shrinkage 12%
Shipping Group Parcel
Primary Category Pottery & Sculpting Clay
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