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Compact (< 0.86 cu ft)
Compact Kilns

These tiny kilns are great for testing, jewelry and small glass projects.

Small (0.86 - 3.9 cu ft)
Small Kilns

Small kilns are great for beginners. Fire small ceramic and glass projects.

Medium (4.0 - 8.0 cu ft)
Medium Kilns

Medium is the most popular kiln size. Can fire an array of ceramics projects.

Large (8.0 - 25.0 cu ft)
Large Kilns

Large kilns will not limit your creativity due to firing capacity.

High Capacity (> 25.0 cu ft)
High Capacity Kilns

Generally used for high volume and mass production ceramics.

For Schools

To order using a PO and other useful information, go to our "For Schools" page.
For Schools


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