Kiln Parts

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Kiln Elements


Regulate heat properly with replacement elements.



Monitor kiln temperature accurately.

Kiln Controllers


Upgrade to a digital controller to simplify firing.

Kiln Connectors


Keep your kiln heating properly.

Kiln Fuse


Replacement fuses for Paragon and Skutt kilns.

Kiln Plugs

Plugs & Receptacles

Plug kiln peep-holes to preserve heat.



Precisely monitor firing temperature.

Kiln Relays


Keep your kiln firing properly with replacement relays.

Kiln Knobs

Switches & Knobs

Replacement switches and knobs for kilns.

Kiln Wires


Extra or replacement wires for Skutt Kilns.

At Big Ceramic Store, we know how valuable your kiln is. We also know that no matter how well you maintain it, minor repairs are part of kiln ownership.

Have you ever fired a load that seemed to take forever? Once you remove the wares, you test the elements, and discover one isn’t working. With a little luck, the other elements compensated for the bad one, and you didn’t lose anything.

With that in mind, we’ve collected a group of items that are most often the cause of down time. Elements, fuses, switches, and various other items can be shipped to your door for quick repair. If you are a pre-planner, order them now, and have them on hand just in case.

If you have questions, or want to check on availability, our specialists are ready to take your call at 888-513-5303, or you can email your questions to

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