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Cress 120V Multi-Purpose Kilns

Cress Kilns - 120v
Models: A4KT, 911, C1006 (.11 - .55 cubic feet)

Cress Glass Kilns

Cress Glass Kilns
Models: Fuser 75, 87, 89, 2414, 2814, 2818,O46E, 203014

Cress Ceramic Kilns

Small Cress Kilns
Models E1414, E18, B18HT, 1814, 23 series (1.23 - 3.3 cubic feet)
Medium Cress Kilns
Models : 2418, 27 series (4.7 to 7 cubic ft)
Large Cress Kilns
Models: FTX31, ET28, FTX28; New Model ET2831 , EOT203023 (8.1 to 11 cubic ft)
Large Cress Front Load Kilns
Models: FXC30FH, EC32FH (10 to 13.5 cubic ft)

Cress Clean Air

  • Cress Clean Air System Works mainly on Cress Kilns.
  • This vent pulls air from the top, middle and bottom of the kiln, to reduce color cross-contamination. Many Cress kilns models come Fan Ready, which means they are all set up for this Vent to be added. It can be ordered as an option on other models.
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