Art-No: GROUP-KNPGDragonJanus
Paragon Janus Dragon Kiln
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Quick Overview

The Janus Dragon is an electric kiln that fires ceramics and glass up to 2,350°F.

Heating elements are mounted in the top, sidewalls and door, and can be changed with the flick of a switch. With the switch in glass mode, heat comes from the top elements and the middle sidewall element. With the switch in pottery mode, heat comes from only the sidewall elements.

It has one more inch of non-organic block insulation than the standard Paragon Dragon kiln.

The Janus Dragon features a digital, 12-key Sentry 2.0 with two modes: Cone-Fire with programmed slow cooling and 18-Segment Ramp-Hold.

Degree F ( max ) 2,350°F
Cone 10
Firebrick 3 + 1" of non-organic block insulation
Phase Single / 3
Volt 240 / 208
Watt 16,800
Ampere 70
Recommended breaker (amp) 80
Receptacle Direct Wire
Size firing chamber walls 4"
Doorway clearance Will fit through a 34” doorway if the handles and back element cover are temporarily removed.
Size interior ( wide x high x deep ) 24 x 27 x 24"
Size exterior including stand ( wide x high x deep ) 43.8 x 69 x 39.3"
Volume ( cu ft. ) 9
Shape Square/Rectangle
Shipping Group Free (Truck)
Shipping weight (lbs.) 905
Art-No: GROUP-KNPGDragonJanus
Paragon Janus Dragon Kiln
Paragon Janus Dragon Glass-Ceramic Kiln (S0931) with Sentry 2.0 electronic controller   +$5,732.12
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Optional Add-Ons
  • Kiln Mount Vent installed on Paragon Dragon   +$477.60
  • Door elements for Paragon Dragon ( Improves heat distribution. Adding door elements to the Dragon does not change the overall amperage. The wall elements receive less amperage than the wall elements of a standard Dragon.)   +$491.00
  • Stainless Steel Finish on Paragon Dragon   +$342.40
  • 24" tall stand, without casters for Paragon Dragon   +$463.50
  • 24" tall stand, with casters Paragon Dragon   +$729.00
  • 18" tall stand with casters for Dragon: 32.5" X 29.25" X 18" high   +$575.00
  • 18" tall stand, without casters for Paragon Dragon   +$416.60
  • APM elements for Paragon Dragon   +$881.25
  • Furniture Kit for Paragon Dragon ( 1 full shelf, 4 half shelves; 1.5" square posts, 8 ea of 4", 6" and 8" length. 1 lb kiln wash (Shelves are 22"x22") )   +$567.64
  • Custom Color - Black   +$50.00
  • Custom Color - Purple   +$50.00
  • Custom Color - Turquoise   +$50.00
  • Custom Color - Jade   +$50.00
  • Custom Color - Navy   +$50.00
  • Custom Color - Pink   +$50.00
  • Custom Color - Berry   +$50.00
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