Graffito Underglaze Transfer Paper Set #2, 1 sheet of each color (Orange, Red, Turquoise, Violet, White and Yellow)
Quick Overview

The principle behind Graffito is exactly the same as carbon paper.  Graffito sheets are embedded with a ceramic underglaze that will transfer to ceramic when drawn upon using a pen or a pencil.  This means that everything from photographic newspaper images to original drawings can be transferred to ceramic.  

All colors except Rose to Cone 8.  Rose to Cone 04.  Sheets 9" square.  Trace your artwork through Graffito on to your item.  Peel back Graffito revealing transferred artwork.  Glaze and fire. 

Cone 08 except Rose ( Rose to Cone 04 )
Size 9" square
Shipping Group Parcel
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