Spectrum Mid Fire (Cone 4-6) Glazes

As you look at different glaze options, make sure that you don’t just pick up the first thing you see. There are some great options out there that allow you to get some unique looks. The Spectrum mid fire glazes line offers you some nice options for an alternative to your standard glazes.

Creativity is certainly not limited when you choose a Spectrum glaze. With four very unique lines, you are certain to find something that will help you to expand your horizons and try something new. The ash line features a finished look that you would get ash glazes. The streaky design is simply stunning. The Nova line offers over 20 options. This line is best for dipping. Oxide pens from Spectrum are for the artistic, allowing for oxide effects and drawing on details. Lastly, there is the stoneware line, which will truly grab your attention with the variety of finishes available in stunning colors.

The glaze you choose will really enhance your abilities to create an excellent finished piece. Whatever you choose, with Spectrum glazes, you are sure to end up with beautiful creations.

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