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Stains are fired blends of metal and ceramic oxides that have been reground into a fine powder. Stains containing otherwise toxic oxides can be employed without significant dangers. They are most popular at lower temperatures where colors tend to be brighter. However, most stains can also be used right up to the high fire.

Basically: the more stain you add, the darker the color will be.

For more information about stains, head on over to our How-to page. In there, you can find so many more useful tips about stains, clays, and everything else about ceramics. Tip No. 120 is particularly important about how to use stains.

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  • Cerdec/Degussa Inclusion Pigments Bordeaux red
  • Mason Stain Nickel Silicate Green
  • Cerdec/Degussa Inclusion Pigments Intensive red
  • Cerdec/Degussa Inclusion Pigments Orange
  • Cerdec/Degussa Inclusion Pigments Yellow
  • Mason Stain 6000 Shell Pink
  • Mason Stain 6001 Alpine Rose
  • Mason Stain 6003 Crimson
  • Mason Stain 6006 Deep Crimson
  • Mason Stain 6025 Coral Red
  • Mason Stain 6026 Lobster
  • Mason Stain 6027 Tangerine
  • Mason Stain 6028 Orange
  • Mason Stain 6088 Dark Red
  • Mason Stain 6097 Dark Red
  • Mason Stain 6100 Woodland
  • Mason Stain 6101 Chestnut
  • Mason Stain 6103 Golden
  • Mason Stain 6108 Walnut
1 to 20 of 54 total items
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