Spectrum Raku Glazes

Developed for firing in electric or gas kilns, Spectrum Raku Glazes are some of the most exciting on the market. They are available in a wide range of colors, from subtle white to lime green, and offered in dry or pre-mixed forms, making them the “go-to” Raku glaze. Imagine combining some of the vibrant colors, with some of the more subtle colors, then subjecting them to the reduction atmosphere achieved in Raku. The smoky flashing intermixed with the colors are incredible, and extremely appealing to the eye! Eleven of Spectrum’s Raku glazes (Raku Clear, Raku White, Muddy Waters, Raku Yellow, Raku Orange, Raku Red, Lime, Algae Bloom, Kodiak, and Cosmic Copper,) are lead-free and AP non- toxic, while the rest hold too much copper in the liquid state to be non-toxic. Spectrum’s liquid glazes are designed for brushing however; they can also be used for dipping and pouring, while the dry glazes are designed specifically for dipping. Still not sure which glazes would best support you needs? Call our customer service line at 888-513-5303, or you can email your questions to support@bigceramicstore.com.Remember, ALWAYS wear protective clothing when doing Raku! Wearing heat and fireproof clothing, heat resistant gloves, a respirator, and comfortable shoes is essential to your well-being. Never try to remove wares from electric kilns while they are turned on, the exposure to the electrical elements is extremely hazardous and potentially fatal.

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