Laguna Glazes

Cone 5/6 Glazes

Laguna Cone 5 Versa 5 Glazes (MS)
Achieve the vivid colors reminiscent of the richly decorated majolica wares made during the Italian renaissance.
Laguna Dynasty Cone 5, MS220-MS267
A new palette of cone 5 glazes which evoke nature's most colorful semi-precious stones. These beautiful earth tones are available in both matte and gloss finishes. Add a touch of vintage beauty to your work. All are lead free and dinnerware safe when properly fired.
Laguna Crackle Cone 5, WC130-WC141
Crackle glazes for Cone 5. Stocked in wet and dry.
Laguna Moroccan Sand wet and dry
Laguna Moroccan Sand A broad selection of gloss, mottled, and matt finishes in warm stoneware colors. Oxidation or reduction. Lead free and safe for use on food containers when fired properly. NOW STOCKED IN WET AND DRY Colors 125-134 are new Satin Texture colors. Satiny, warm break-up effect presents multiple color variations within each individual glaze. MS series
Laguna Cone 5 Mystic Glazes Wet and dry, WC100-114, WC160
This new line of glazes from Laguna are called Mystic Specialty Art glazes. All are lead free. These radical glazes redefine 'break-up" at Cone 5. The mottled and shimmering colors create an exciting, almost "dancing effect" whether on functional or art ware. WC Series Also includes Crystal Blossom base glazes
Laguna Cone 5 Glazes dry
Traditional, muted, earthy colors. Most are formulated for oxidation, but others are best in reduction. Each has its own distinct surface quality, and reaction to added colorants will vary from one to the next. Clear and White are both excellent base glazes for decorating with stains or oxides. Lead free and dinnerware safe. WC, SG


(Raku, Cone 10, Underglazes, and Multi-Temp products)
Laguna Raku Glaze Dry
A wide variety of glazes formulated specifically for Raku. Only available in dry form.
Laguna Cone 10 Dry
Traditional, muted, earthy colors. Most can be fired in oxidation, although many are best in reduction. In reduction, these glazes will be enhanced by the reduction process. Impurities and trace metals in the clay and glaze will react with carbon in the kiln atmosphere to create spotting. Oxides react in various and sometimes spectacular ways. Each firing creates a certain unique quality in the ware. Lead Free, Non Toxic. Only available in dry form. WC, V, SG
Laguna Oxide Stains (works at various firing temperatures) MS101-MS107, Wet
Seven earthen colors which are perfect for highlighting and accentuating. Prepared in a special suspension solution for an easy, even application. Can be used for drawing designs and patterns under or over the glaze application. These oxides do not contain lead and are safe for food and beverage containers when fired. Available in liquid and pints only. Designed for up to Cone 5. You will begin to see discoloration and fading above that. Green, Blue and Black will be more tolerant of higher cone than the other colors. Only available in wet form.
Laguna Engobes MS200-MS206 (work at various firing temperatures), Wet
These clay coloring slips allow for the creation of hue with a dry, earthen texture when applied to greenware. Fired to Cone 5, they become vitreous. Ideal for accentuating the natural color of the clay and for adding decorative accents. Do not contain lead, and are safe for food and beverage containers when properly fired. Available in liquid pints only.
Note: An engobe and a slip are similar, and sometimes people mix them up. A slip is colored clay, while an engobe also has a small amount of flux added which makes it melt slightly, like a glaze. It is part way between a slip and a glaze.
Underglaze (in gallons) EM8XXX
This series of underglazes is recommended for schools and others desiring underglazes that do not contain lead. They are safe for use on food and beverage containers when properly fired. Stocked in a variety of bright primary colors.

At age 7, Jon Brooks developed his own clay formulas and by age 9 was throwing and selling his own sculptures. In 1976, Brooks began Laguna which has since grown into a successful ceramic company that offers a wide selection of materials, equipment, and supplies.

Laguna now offers over 200 different clay bodies plus individual recipes for specific projects. These bodies range from low and high fired clay to stoneware and are great for wheel throwing or hand building.

Being one of the largest producers of glazes for artists, manufactures, and schools, Laguna can also customize glaze colors to suit the creative whims of artists. Be impressed by the Mystic Glazes which shimmer and dazzle on both art and functional ware. Or dip your ware in any of the beautiful Dry Raku glazes that offer different results from one firing to the next.

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  • Laguna WC Mystic
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Wheat (O)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Forest Green (T)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Speckled Blue Grey (O)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Gloss Black (O)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Sandy Matt (MO)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Redwood Matt (MO)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Lemon Yellow (MO)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Ochre (O)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Golden Green (T)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Robins Egg (O)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Cream (O)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Royal Blue (O)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Green Tweed (O)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Dark Turquoise (MO)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Snow Flake (O)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Peacock (T)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Clear Bright
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Chun Red (O)
  • Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Bamboo Ash Matt (MO)
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