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Duncan Courtyard


Embrace these rustic, artistic, ancient, and historical glazes.

Duncan Crystals & Crackles

Crystals & Crackles

Check out these special effects glazes. Easy to use!

Duncan Designer


Get inspiration from fashion colors, fabrics, and textures!

Duncan Envision


Work with a variety of glaze techniques for a smooth finish.

Duncan French Dimensions

French Dimensions

Try these high-pile glazes for raised design effects.

Duncan Pure Brillaiance

Pure Brilliance

Get clear glazes for dipping or brushing pottery.

Duncan Renaissance


Mid-Fire glazes that embrace the rustic style of history.

Duncan Satin


Use these matte glazes for a non-glossy finish.

Duncan Specialty


Accent your pottery with metallic glazes.

Duncan Underglazes

Duncan EZ Stroke Undeglaze

EZ Stroke Underglaze

Create translucent watercolor effects with these light underglazes.

Duncan Concepts Underglaze

Concepts Underglaze

These underglazes offer a variety of finishes from opaque to translucent.

Duncan Cover Coats Underglaze

Cover-Coats Underglaze

Fire to a matte, opaque finish. Use clear glaze to seal and brighten underglazes.

Duncan gives artists creative freedom and endless possibilities by offering high quality products ranging from tools, clays, to glazes. Artists of all levels can express their individuality through Duncan’s resources.

Check out Concepts Underglazes that come in a variety of gorgeous colors. These glazes start off translucent then gradually become more opaque. Or the E-Z Stroke Translucent Underglazes that offer vivid color to greenware or bisque. Then, don’t hesitate to try Duncan Envision Glazes which are non-toxic and dinnerware safe. These creamy glazes promise intensity with each layer.

Creativity is endless with Duncan products.

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