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The Spray Booths we carry in Big Ceramic Store feature a durable galvanized metal construction that makes it easier for you to clean. Not to mention, they all are intended to remove larger particles from the air (but will NOT remove all hazardous materials from the air). For a spray booth that is more compact and portable, we recommend the Paasche Hobby Shop Spray Booth: HSSB-22-16. With its working dimensions being 22” wide by 16” high, it is perfect for all your portable hobby and craft spraying. However, for a more industrial sized booth for schools and studios, we recommend the Paasche FABSF Filter Shelf Booth. It comes with AG-Fiber Glass Filters that can be quickly changed and inexpensively replaced when necessary. These filters prevent over spray from being exhausted to the outside atmosphere and accumulating on the fan and exhaust piping.

Note: When spraying materials that have strong vapors or harmful chemicals, exhaust MUST be vented to the outside. Always wear goggles and/or a protective mask.

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