Duncan Shimmer Glaze Teal Quartz
Quick Overview

Duncan Shimmer Glaze Teal Quartz is a cone 06 translucent glaze that adds a brilliant glimmer to any project.

Duncan Shimmer Glazes add sparkle and shine with their bright metallic flecks. This brand-new market formula can be used alone or added to glazed projects for brightly colored pieces that have a creamy finish. Apply with smooth, even strokes for a dazzling effects.

These glazes come in 4oz and pint options. Cone 06. All Duncan Shimmer Glazes are certified ASTM non-toxic, foodsafe, and lead-free.

Cone 06
Lead lead-free
Safety label ASTM
Dinnerware Yes
Shipping Group Parcel
Primary Category Ceramic Glazes
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