Art-No: BRDNTB735
Duncan TB735 1/2" Oval Wash Mop Debut Taklon Brush
Quick Overview

The Duncan TB735 1/2" Oval Wash Mop Debut Taklon Brush is for smooth glazing and large brushstrokes.

This brush is ideal for painting folk art flowers.

This item is discontinued and no longer available, we are sorry for the inconvenience!

Duncan Debut Brushes are made with Taklon, a synthetic fiber that retains a firm body and sharp tip, enabling the user to produce crisp, fine lines with well-controlled brushstrokes.

- Duncan Debut Brushes are identified by their waterproof clear acrylic handles with silver markings and handle tip.
- They are designed with acrylics in mind.
- Duncan Debut Brushes also work well with underglazes and glazes.
- Brushes should be washed with the appropriate cleaner after each use and dried flat.
- When cleaning, make sure to remove any material from the ferrule.
- For most mediums, clean using Duncan Brush Cleaner.
- When using overglaze, clean using Duncan Essence Overglaze Cleaner.
- It is recommended that you use a different brush with each overglaze to avoid contamination.

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