Art-No: MOAMDM-7
Amaco DM-7 Large Oval Drape Mold
Quick Overview

The Amaco DM-7 Large Oval Drape Mold has a working surface of approximately 11-3/4'' x 5-1/16" x 2".

These plaster drape molds are widely used in art classes and personal studios.

Drape molds get their name from the fact that you can drape a slab of clay over the top of the mold.

You can use these forms to make either a slump or a hump, depending on which side of the form you fill.

This oval mold from Amaco is made from smooth cast plaster.

This is an excellent mold for making small deep oval dishes or planters.

Note that the dimensions represent the slumping area, and the size of the whole mold is larger.

Note Oval Drape Mold
Size 11-3/4'' x 5-1/16'' x 2''
Shipping Group Parcel
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