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BigCeramicStore Cool Tools Gift Pack
Quick Overview

The BigCeramicStore Cool Tools Gift Pack contains six popular tools to round out your collection.

The Aftosa Ultimate Edger is six tools in one. It is 2” x 4-1/4” in size.

The Mudtools Small Shredder is a capable tool for shaping and carving leather-hard clay.

The Aegean Sponges Round Synthetic Sponge is excellent not only for cleaning ceramics, but for household cleaning, and for washing cars and boats. It is 2-3/4” in size.

The Mudtools R0 Polymer Rib is made from a flexible material that is more durable than rubber. Its small size makes it perfect for detailing the inside of small bowls and mugs.

The Amaco 2-oz Underglaze Applicator with 18 Gauge Needle can be used to create an unlimited array of designs using fine lines and patterns. The 18 gauge needle allows you to make fine lines or tiny dots.

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