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The Cross On The Hill

Christians all around the world are decorating their homes with items that symbolize Easter. The one piece that symbolizes Easter best, is the cross, for that's where the Easter Festival begins.

If you're looking for an Easter project that will add a special touch to your home, or to give as a gift, this is the one. You only need about a 1/2 pound of clay, your hands, a bit of water, a scoring tool, and the desire to bring Christ into your home this season.

Grab your coffee and follow me to the studio!

Roll out a coil of clay and break it down into three pieces. One for the upright, one for the cross section, and one for making a crown to hang on the cross. Set the two larger ones aside to dry to a leather hard state for easier joining.

Take the smallest coil, roll it thin, fold it in half, then twist it. Make sure you keep this clay damp so you can wrap it into a circle without it breaking.

Now, roll a ball of clay that fits comfortably cupped between your hands. Slice it in half with a fettling knife, and pinch it into a hollow form.

With the last two coils lay out your cross form and trim the pieces to size the cross to your preference. Score and moisten all areas that will be attached, and join them.

Roll the twisted coil into a circle and hang it around the cross.

Score the bottom of the cross and the top of your hollowed half ball and attach them together.

Using a piece of the trimmings, roll a coil to wrap around the base of the cross for support, then blend it into the base.

Now that you have it all assembled, double check the joins, and steady the cross with chunks of clay, tape, or other items, until it stands without wanting to tip.

What I love most about this project, it does not have to be glazed, and it can be fired just once! I mean... you can always use different color clays for the pieces or use an underglaze to dress it up a bit if you want.

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