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  • A few years ago I purchased an upright spoon rest from a book party a friend of mine had. I absolutely love the way it holds the spoon, and it takes up less room on my stove.

    Unfortunately, a few months ago, I dropped the ceramic piece of the spoon rest and it broke. Let me just say this... it didn't take long for me to realize how much I was going to miss it!

    So, what choice did I have than to buy a new one right? Wrong!!! I am a potter... why couldn't I come up with a design to make an upright spoon rest out of clay?

    Grab your coffee and follow me to the studio if you want to make one yourself.

  • A couple weeks ago we made the beginning stages of a decorative log candle. Today, we are going to complete that project. If you didn't read Part 1, follow this link Functional and Decorative Log Candle - Part 1, to take a look.

    I'm going to show you how to add the flower, use underglaze to give it a rustic finish, and explain the firing process I used for this beauty, so grab your coffee and follow me to the studio!

    If you followed along with part 1 and already made the log, this is where you want to be... if you haven't made the log yet, follow the link above to make the log, then join us back here to finish it up.

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  • While preparing for a craft show this week, I was wondering... "What can we do to help boost our sales this year?" I took inventory of the items we would be offering at the show and decided to venture into soap making. "Why," you ask???

    Well, we offer several different styles of soap dishes, shaving mugs, and containers that soaps look great in, so why not have soap available to go with them?


    Today's post is all about some little tricks to help you sell your wares... so grab a pencil and paper and jot down a few notes!

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  • Who doesn't love a beautiful candle? Not only do they add character to your home, but they work well in a power outage! Don't depend on those generic candles you picked up at the grocery store... keep one on display and it's at the ready if needed.

    Today's project is a little tougher than some that we've done in the past but it's well worth the effort! Ps... we will begin the project today and finish it off in Part 2.

    So grab your coffee, put on your best creative hat, and follow me to the studio!

  • With early summer fruit starting to ripen on the vines a lot of folks are digging out their handed down family recipes and baking up a storm! Instead of laying that old recipe card on the counter, why not make yourself (friends/family too) a beautiful recipe card holder?

    You don't use recipe cards... you use a cookbook instead? Well, just increase the size of the design, and it will accommodate those books just as nicely as it will the cards.

    Are you ready to make a super easy project that will brighten up your counter and last a lifetime? Heck, you could even hand the holder down with the recipe cards you've cherished forever.

    PS... I'm using a brown stoneware clay for this project, however; you can make it out of whatever clay you work with.

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  • I was asked a few weeks ago to make some mugs with a company's logo on it. Since I don't slip cast, I figured the best way for me to do it would be to make a template, and hand build them.

    I reached out to a few people with CNC Routers, to make them out of wood for me, however; they just didn't turn out as I had planned. The amount of time I had to put into them to "clean-up" the wording was definitely not cost effective!

    What to do??? Well, I decided to bring out the Dremel Tool and a piece of printing linoleum, then try my hand at carving the logo.

    This is how I did it...

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  • DISCLAIMER: This article is intended as a reference only. The hazards listed are only a small percentage of the hazards presented when working with clay, glazes, and chemicals. It is the responsibility of each/every person working with these materials to know the risks involved. Always refer to the MSDS,  accompanying reference materials, and/or OSHA, for any/all materials you will be handling.

    Working with clay and glazes in your pottery studio carries certain health risks due to hazardous materials in them. Knowing what you are working with, and how it can affect you, is an important component of being a potter.

    It doesn't matter if you are small hobbyists, or large production potter, the risks are the same... just in different doses.

    Today, we will touch on some of the most common hazards, however; you should always research each and every component of your working materials.

  • EMaybe you're just starting out, don't have room for a kiln, or just don't make enough pieces to warrant that large of a purchase, in any case... this article is for you.

    In today's post we're going to touch on a few ways to transport your greenware safely for firing at a "satellite" location. With a few tips from articles I've read over the years, as well as my own experiences, we're hoping to get those pieces from point A to point B in ONE PIECE!

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  • I regularly attend an event that benefits kids from 1-100 with disabilities. They auction off a lot of cool stuff but one of my favorites is the paintings done by the horses and their dog named "Blue."

    As a matter of fact I have several hanging on my studio wall. They remind me, that all things great and small, add beauty to our world!

    Recently, on a social media site, I ran across paintings done by a dog... Ok, he had a little help from his humans, but it gave me an idea for our blog. Why not do it on clay with some underglaze???

    Grab your coffee, some play clothes, a fur baby, and follow me to the studio! Don't have your own fur baby? You may want to borrow one because this is really cool!

  • Giving mom a hand for Mother's Day has new meaning. This cute project is sure to brighten her day and last a lifetime. And if that's not reason enough, they can be made from self-hardening and air dry clay so anyone can make them!

    Another benefit to these little hands... you can impress or underglaze the child's fingerprint(s) into the clay for lasting identification, and when they are done they make a perfect jewelry dish!

    Ready to get started? Grab the kids and let's head to the studio!

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