Amaco Teacher's Palette Class Pack #2
Quick Overview

A great new glaze series form AMACO.  Imagine creating an infinite palette of colors from a small number of base colors.  Limitless Color for Limited Budgets!

Contains: TP01 Coal Black, TP11 Cotton, TP15 Gray, TP20 Sky Blue, TP21 Midnight Blue, TP22 Blue Green, TP30 Caramel, TP40 Mint Green, TP51 Grape, TP52 Raspberry, TP53 Pig Pink, TP64 Carrot

TEACHER'S PALETTE – 16 vibrant colors in pints to broaden the palette and allow more mixing options.

Teacher’s Palette and Teacher’s Choice glazes are:  MIXABLE – All colors intermix for an infinite palette  LAYERING – Colors can be layered without bleeding  ALL AGES – Designed for artists of any age  DINNERWARE SAFE – Lead-Free  AP CERTIFIED NON-TOXIC – Conforms to ASTM D - 4236

Glazes are Cone 05 Gloss Glazes.  Think of these like underglazes, but glossy.  You can mix them, layer them and the color in the jar is pretty close to the color you get!

Cone 05
Lead lead-free
Safety label All AP
Dinnerware Yes
Volume 8 oz
Shipping Group Parcel
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