Amaco Satin Matte High Fire Chartreuse
Quick Overview

Amaco Satin Matte Glaze Chartreune can be mixed with other colors, as well as clear glaze, to create a wide range of effects. Three coats should be applied.

Amaco Satin Matte high-fire glazes are ideal for adding a lustrous finish to Cone 04 bisque. They hold the seal of the Art and Creative Material Institute, reflecting that they are safe for use by all ages. Lead-free, they are also safe for spraying and for use on dishes. Three coats should be applied with the glaze being allowed to dry between coats. Amaco Satin Matte Glaze Chartreuse can be thinned with water and Amaco gum solution. Except for the red and orange glazes, which have a different base, Amaco Satin Matte high-fire glazes are totally mixable.

Cone 5 to 6
Lead lead-free
Safety label ACMI Seal
Dinnerware Yes
Primary Category Ceramic Glazes
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