Amaco Plasti-Bats, Undrilled
Quick Overview

The Amaco Plasti-Bats, Undrilled, are 8” 12”, 14”, or 16” in diameter.

Amaco Plasti-Bats are made to be durable, versatile, and of the highest quality.

They are easy to clean because they are impervious to water, and unaffected by most chemicals.

The surface is non-absorbent, and will release the clay easily when centering.

Clay made with these bats will have a smooth, clean surface.

Plasti-Bats are easy to stack, carry, and store. Bats are 1/4” thick.

Note that these bats are not drilled. If you do want to drill holes yourself, it is not difficult to do so.

Material 1/4" -3/8" thick, very rigid, high impact plastic
Surface non-absorbent, positive adherence surface
Note All our wheels are sold with bat pins, which hold the bats in place. The majority of people buy drilled bats. Even if someone has a wheel without bat pins, they can be normally be added. It is not difficult to drill through the wheel head and add pins.
Shipping Group Parcel
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